East Riding of Yorkshire Council Chairman’s Awards 2018

On Tuesday evening a small group of us headed for Bridlington Spa to the ERYC Chairman’s awards.

Someone who visited The Waterwheel had nominated us for the Business Under 50 Employees award and we’d made the shortlist.  Chatting to one of the judges who was sitting on our table I understand that making the shortlist isn’t a foregone conclusion even when you’ve been nominated.


The first thing that impressed me was how well Clare Frisby had done her homework.  When Andy said we were from The Waterwheel she knew a bit about us and what we do.  It takes time and practice to do that amount of research and remember something about every one of the 28 shortlisted nominees.

The second thing that impressed me, reading through the nominees, is just how much there is going on in this remarkable County of ours; business partnerships, charitable work, sporting excellence and ways of improving our environment.  I’d like to think that we have contributed to this not just creating job opportunities by opening the Tearooms and Bistro but also through building using reclaimed materials, having fresh, healthy choices available on our menus and creating a space for business and social meet-ups.

We didn’t actually win the award we were nominated for; it was deservedly won by Fangfoss Pottery who have achieved an incredible amount in the 41 years they have been going.  It was, however, a privilege for us to be on the same shortlist after a mere 12 months of existence.

Congratulations to the winners of all 9 awards, you’re an impressive group.

Click here to find out more about our amazing venue and mouth-watering menus

Click here to find out more about ERYC Chairman’s Awards


Author: itsonlywordsand

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